Expert Insight with Nicole: The Opportunity to Embrace Change and Let Go

Just as the air and light changes around us at the close of the summer, we acknowledge the start of a new season in September. For many, it is the start of an academic year with children heading back to their studies. 

It feels like a time to establish routines that will carry us into the winter months. It is important to listen to the cues that nature signposts and the wisdom that traditional medicine recommends. 

Autumn is the ‘Yang within Yin’ season, where renewal takes place. In Chinese Medicine,the representative organs of the lungs and large intestine are Metal organs that take in, refine and let go. 

The emotional connection of the lungs and large intestine is sadness or grief. You might be feeling wistful about the end of the summer months or lamenting the coming winter. Deeper reflection may bring an awareness of a need for personal change in behaviors or habits.

In nature, fruits are ripening, leaves are changing colour and the temperatures are becoming cooler. It lends itself to taking stock of your life, letting go of routines that no longer serve you, grieving and taking any lived experiences and wisdom to shape your future direction. The final few months of the year are the best time to re-examine your priorities and values and make vital changes in your life.

Your lungs are a primary line of defense for your immune system. It is an optimum time to include breathwork techniques to strengthen the lungs and build immunity. These can be integrated simply by spending 3-5 minutes a day with a particular focus in order to create new breath habits.

Tension and anxiety rob our bodies of the opportunity to function in a relaxed state. A simple breath exercise that calms your nervous system and aids digestion is essential for restoring ease in your body and mind.

Technique is everything. Start with finding a relaxed breath that requires no force. Breathe in softly through your nose, inflating from your belly upwards into the chest. As you breathe out, let the air gently leave your body. Try not to tighten your abdominals to push the air out.

When you have settled into your breath, start to elongate the out breath. Ideally your out breath should be double the in breath. For example, breathe in for a count of 4 and out for a count of 8.

This may feel difficult at first so the breath may be shortened to 6 rather than eight.

Work through breath cycles of 10 in this way, and return to an easy natural breath afterwards, before starting another cycle of 10. Check in with your body at the beginning and end, notice what feels different when you have completed your breathwork.

Digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion and Irritable Bowel Syndrome are all helped by reducing tension and anxiety in your body. In addition to the nervous system and digestion benefits, you can also reduce blood pressure, regulate blood sugar and reduce inflammation in your body all through breathwork.

Simple changes in your own behavior and habits can have the most transformative and inspiring impact on your confidence, relationships, career and personal growth. 

Autumn is perfect for reflecting on your life and the direction you would like to take. We often think of what habits we can add to our lives, but what habits can you let go of that no longer serve you?

Much of how you choose to respond to life’s stresses is ruled by fear. This develops patterns of responses and behaviors that feel ingrained as part of who you are. Imagine you have experienced many personal relationships breaking down. You could attribute this to continually choosing the wrong people to date, form relationships with and create future plans with.

Whilst there may be an element of this, there will always be something you can shift personally to help change this outcome. This type of change facilitation involves a degree of honesty and self acceptance that takes time and is often best done slowly with expert guidance to help you choose the right path. Having worked with many clients through this process, I can honestly say that it brings the most significant and life changing results.

Finally, what retreats have you booked for this part of the year?

I love this time of year for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something a little different. A retreat offers you space out of your normal daily living environment to adopt new activities, treatments and food and surroundings. It may just be the spark you need to begin living differently.

Do you remember the last time you were inspired by a book, course or a person you met?

This is why I love Luxe Club Retreats, they have the most inspiring experiences and locations, and I am proud to be one of the Club Experts.

About Nicole: 

Nicole Brûlé-Walker combines health, wellbeing and personal development with an innovative edge. Her speciality is promoting longevity and sustainable health through simplicity and highly personalised care.

She has worked with elite athletes, VIP’s, CEO’s and business owners as well as UHNW families.

She blends neuroscience, movement, breath, energy and bodywork with epigenetic testing to help you live better, for longer. Her work shines in a 1-1 setting but she also offers group workshops and training for individuals and organisations.

She is passionate about bringing her brand of sustainable wellbeing into the workplace through bespoke corporate plans.

She is based in Yarm, North Yorkshire and her client work takes her to London and worldwide. Her work is available online and in person.


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