The Luxe Club Retreat Experience

Established in 2022, two passionate, entrepreneurial and visionary women were brought together amidst the beauty and glamour of Marbella, Southern Spain. They decided it was time to set up an intimate circle, catering to philanthropic, elite and wealthy women who seem to have it all but most importantly, love retreats.

Luxe Club Retreats share a love for living life to the fullest, for giving back to people and the environment, and for making an impact with wealth and wisdom, all while prioritizing our Members’ health and well-being. The Club offers unique retreat experiences all over the world alongside its experienced Club Experts.

Today, they start to create a legacy that will shape the future and our world. Their mission and values are most aligned for those wishing to escape life to find life and to experience what money alone can not buy.
Luxe Club Retreats prides itself on its confidentiality, trust and creativity, values core to the Club.

Daring to create memorable wellness retreat experiences for the women who seem to have it all

Imagine opening the door to bliss, brilliance, and balance.

Here our Members enjoy the true meaning of LUXE –  limitless abundance, unconditional love, extraordinary experiences and expanded senses, all core to our Club philosophy, mission and values.

You will not find our experiences anywhere else as they are curated by each Member’s very essence, with surprise and delight around every corner.

We pride ourselves on giving back to the environment. Each Member plants their own global forest of 3,000 trees when they join us, while also supporting other environmental and humanitarian causes we have aligned with.

Our Members engage with our Club Experts regularly across a range of well-being practices and connect with one another in secluded and breathtaking settings all over the world.

We understand that the people we serve require the utmost discretion and privacy and we only align with destinations and experiences that can cater to that clientele.

A Retreat Club Like No Other

With our expertise, we have infused the highest level of well-being within our memberships. Our aim is to not only fulfil the needs of our Members, but also to exceed them. 

From your initial retreat experience with the us to working with our Club Experts to participating in philanthropic endeavours, LUXE Club Retreats serves people and planet through our members and strategic partners. 

To learn more about Luxe Club Retreats, please visit the ‘Membership’ page.

Residences & Suites

Embark on a sensory odyssey in the heart of London as you reclaim who you have always been.

Immerse in soulful connections, refine  your personal style, and radiate in an exclusive Intentional Living Magazine feature.

Elevate impact through luxury and self-discovery.

Discover enchantment at Finca Cortesin, Spain, with our premier retreat: Women at the Forefront.

Unite golf and well-being against breathtaking vistas.

Elevate your prowess amidst luxury, forging connections and empowerment.

Your holistic journey awaits.

Unveil the Gastronomic Tapestry of You at our Italian haven. ‘ Our Culinary Genes & Senses’ retreat offers an exquisite blend of cuisine and DNA insights.

Relish personalized flavours amidst luxurious landscapes.

A journey of self-discovery and indulgence awaits.