Expert Insight with Rachel Zhou: Being Open to Initiation

Over the last three years, I have often contemplated what makes a life of luxury.

While there are many definitions out there, and none are wrong so long as they resonate with each
individual, the answer that came to me was a beautiful surprise.

Being Open to Initiation.

For millennia, during the Age of Pisces and even before, we have normalized polarity, namely
the extremes of resistance, rebellion, suppression, and lack.

We have become fixated on the external world while falling asleep on the internal one. We have self-identified as particles while forgetting that we are simultaneously waves.

And all throughout, we have closed our doors to initiation, aka the conscious transitioning from
one level of consciousness to the next.

The path of inner alchemical refinement. Of divinity. Of cosmic connection. Of universal love.

And what better luxury now, than to open our doors to being back in business with our Higher
Selves? With our pure essence, our galactic families, and our Mother Earth Gaia herself?

Some believe that initiation is a strictly inner journey, usually of meditation and silence. It
certainly can be, but it doesn’t have to be. There will be moments of deep contemplation in
solitude, and there will also be moments of fireworks and ecstasy.

Scaling the peaks of the highest mountains and walking back down with grace are different facets of the same diamond.

Recently during a big solar storm, I experienced severe migraines followed by waves upon
waves of electric shocks throughout my body. The closest analogy in pop culture would be
feeling like I had turned into Electro from Spider Man: No Way Home.

There is a previous version of me that would have popped a painkiller or two right away. Or
distracted myself by doing something that could take me away from this electrification

But not anymore. Now, I recognized it for what it was…an initiation. An invitation to feeling more
deeply, to being more connected, to knowing through first hand experience what the Earth
herself is going through at this dawn of the Aquarian epoch.

This is a luxury that does not require money, and yet it is one few dare to afford. Rumi described
it poetically when he said, “The cure for pain is in the pain.” In other words, “Alchemizing pain
and suffering through feeling and transmuting.” Daring ourselves into our divinity.

Some may ask: what is the purpose of the series of initiations besides to feel more? To feel
good? Isn’t this all a bit too esoteric for us on the physical plane? If the external world is a
reflection of the internal one, what do we have to show for it in the material realm?

Quite a bit actually!

For one, there is a rapid increase in the velocity of positive manifestation. Which is the period of time between when an intention is set and when it materializes. In my own life, I no longer take painkillers or any other drugs, and I am also transitioning away from consuming supplements, essential oils, and flower essences by mouth or through the skin.

If I want the experience, I put my hand on or over these, and consciously feel the absorption of its
frequency into my own energy body.

When I visited the Egyptian exhibit in my local museum, I saw a picture of the Eye of Horus and reached out into the astral to connect with it and download its secret messages. When I meet a jellyfish in an aquarium, I ask it for an activation and then share the activation with a friend. These are all real-life experiences and a glimpse of the doors that can open after accepting the invitation to initiation.

We uncover and remember our abilities to uncover the layers upon layers of the extraordinary beneath the ordinary.

And finally, here is a short prayer affirmation as a companion on this most luxurious journey:
I am magic.

I am open to initiation.

I bend space and time.

I conjure things.

I remember all parallel lives.

I converse with all beings.

I feel and I love.

I laugh and I play.

I sing and I dance.

I travel within and without.

I dream and I create.

I flow and I pause.

I heal and I receive healing.

I open and close cycles.

I integrate.

The doors of divinity are wide open to me.

I surrender to the process.

I live and breathe the mystery.

I am the Universe experiencing itself.

I am.

About Rachel Zhou, Founder of Alchemical Harmony & Club Expert

Feeling at home with the esoteric and mystical since childhood, Rachel has been using her Claircognizance and Clairaudience to advise power brokers and friends alike; her favorite areas are matchmaking, identifying past lives, and achieving the highest future potential. She is a pioneer and innovator in advanced alchemical practices, including Infinity Stone Mapping, Archetype Embodiment, and Seat of Power Activation. With her professional education and training as an engineer and project manager, she also revels in the world of mental energy, numerical precision, and product execution. Weaving them with the emotional and feminine as a pathway to balance is her passion.

Using an image of you and your voice, she uses her expertise to create the most interestingly accurate report for each of our member’s true identity. Helping them dive deeper into their individual strengths, weaknesses, and potential. The report also includes key energetic metrics and charts on an individual’s levels of consciousness. Rachel helps our members understand their past lives and tune into their karmic patterns.